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Death of The King

by Speed on the Beat

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Speed on the Beat
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Speed on the Beat Well, it's my own album. WTF wouldn't I love my own album? But, nahhhhh...it's actually a legit album with a cool story. Favorite track: Roots: Redemption's Reprise (Intro).
[V1] And they always say "speed why you still rapping"/ This a young man's game and you're quickly passing/ The gates opened up to get a jab in, i'm laughing at this wackness I'm only 26 when in the hell did that happen? You children need to bow down to a K.I.N.G./ I'm eternal, my springs go on for miles/ Something like the horizon, in view but you can't reach Even if the events state that it's the end of my world, see// They send shots my way, but i glide past the fire Like a pyromaniac avoiding the police But here's the thing, i don't tell you cats to look at me I demand your attention like the rays from the sun beam- Ing down, upon the champion's shoulders, can't you see? NO ONE is this world is ever defeating me And no one is like me until Jovanni Speed grows up... And he's the only one who could even start to dream About defeating this "old man," i prefer experienced Done seen things you pups only bark about in your underroos And while you sitting back watching cartoons before school I'm here killing the game and whatever tries to come through Been in this for two decades, i'm just getting my dues If you bastards think I'm gonna fall back soon, bad news Can you bear it or do i have to see sorrow swing? I've got this thing on lock, YES! try to stop me. [Chorus] Boys talk a lot but they ain't saying nothing. I will pull cards, boy...stop frontin'. They say my team ain't got "that pedigree?" Cause I keep my nose clean while my hands are six feet... [V2] Axel's aimed at your skull, after the Shock of the team back again Speed Beat your face until it's ready to be made in our image There were vultures vexed at the veracity of our state In other words, they were mad that we were true to our names/ Peaceful archangels, God's gift sent to destroy the throne and any fake gods upon it For they not know what they do Father, don't you get it? I'm agnostic in a sense, but this ish was written I don't need to follow the exact path of these wack men Who preach saving souls, but instead drink from sin I'd rather admit my mistakes, than drown from the fake Because we all dying anyway, why you so-call saviors perpetrate? If y'all God's people, then I might as well escape Back to hell and raise it up until it's heaven, oh wait... I've been too far to stop for those who want to say That I'm an infidel because I drink and (used to) fornicate... [Chorus]


This "Bandcamp Exclusive" version of DOTK features versions and re-mixes of the original album. Thank the heavens for Bandcamp's instant replacement stuff. It's also available for free in anticipation for the upcoming #BaltimoreCommercialBreak

Death of the King is an album twenty-six years in the making. Literally. The third and final entry in Speed on the Beat's "Songs For Trilogy," DOTK takes listeners on a journey that is even more introspective than any of Speed's earlier works. Written partly during Speed's stay in an outpatient mental health facility, DOTK deals with acceptance of mental illnesses, growth, maturation, and a bevy of "real-world" issues.

Featuring guest spots from True God and Dugee Buller, DOTK is also Speed's most-crisp release to date, opting to "kill" the no-fi style with which he made his name, while still keeping what makes SOTB who he is intact. So, strap up, sit back, and enjoy the ride and an open mind. Do that? And you'll be fine. Who knows? You may even learn something about yourself.

And if you do? I've succeeded in my mission.

A portion of all paid streams and sales of DOTK will be donated to charity efforts in the region.


released August 17, 2014


all rights reserved



Speed on the Beat Baltimore, Maryland

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul to music.

The "Revolutionary Hippie" strives to educate with hot beats, hot rhymes, obscure references and samples, and real-life lessons, all while promoting understanding, unity, equity and equality.

Oh, and Baltimore. Lots and lot of Baltimore.
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