.​.​.​Don't Call It a Comeback​.​.​.

by Speed on the Beat

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Don't call it a comeback...

Armed with a bolstered sound, the former "No-Fi" King drops something new. However, don't call it a comeback, whatever you do. A comeback means someone's returning at an output halfway equivalent to how they were before they left.

This is just one track.


Yeah. I didn't wanna "come back," but...

[Verse One]
I'm back at it, like a bad habit, snorted by crack addicts
Getting high with some jackrabbits, pass the cabbage.
Can't stand it, we hazardous, leave em asthmatic
When we take a whack at this recording apparatus.
No basic ish in this rap conglomerate.
Wanna rumble with the team? Better bring your starter kits
Press your starters kid, 'cause nobody's harder than
True, Pollo, Ax and please don't forget the last
Who brings axes to a knife fight? You know, me.
And the fans, scratching their heads, wondering
"Why there aren't that many beats by SOTB!?"
I put the beats in the stash so I could sauté thee
Never forget what them fuckboys used to say to me
"Your beats fire, but your lyrics? Man, they're kinda garbage factory."
So, I sired a quick fix, for the taunts and the fleas
Go 'head, and grill them all in fish grease
And I do this for Mama Y...o-u-n-g
And the brothers Speed, Jeremiah and Jovanni
And try as you might, you'll never replace me
Anyone after me, is just a blind carbon copy...
And if you didn't hear my ass the first time?
Or the last time...put it on my fists so you feel my punchlines...
That was supposed to be my last rhyme
But, I guess I'm back for another last ride...
Beautiful morning, but I ain't singing though
Father stretched my hands so I could go ahead and let it go
The flow impeccable, the style impressionable
Stepped it back up so they would recognize though
I may've stepped back from the music scene
But lyrically, I'm still on my A-Game, please believe.
Swinging at these fucks like Manny Machado
Ramirez, ehhh...fuck it...you know, even Manny Santos
LOL Degrassi flow...because...
I do whatever it takes to get it through your head
That I'm still a king up in this thing
They said "oh, Speed, he just nice with the beats"
Don't make me go fuck around and bring another LP
Got lyrics for days, and they're festering
For fuckboys to force my hand, and let them free
Like them birds on the fly in the sky
And they can't ever comprehend why...
Don't tempt me, you thought you heard my best
From me? Nah, I dumbed it down so you'd listen
Intergalactic specimen sent down from heaven
To wreck the status quo, i'm an asshole and such
But never a racist, So, fuck Donald Trump
Had to through that in there to make it so topical
The seasonal regional rap fiend is getting reciprocals
But I'm getting hungry, so I want more.

Don't call it a comeback, though.
I don't know what it is...but don't call it a comeback.


released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Speed on the Beat Baltimore, Maryland

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul to music.

The "Revolutionary Hippie" strives to educate with hot beats, hot rhymes, obscure references and samples, and real-life lessons, all while promoting understanding, unity, equity and equality.

Oh, and Baltimore. Lots and lot of Baltimore.
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