The Sorest Loser​.​.​.

by Speed on the Beat



So, the title comes from an Earl Weaver quote. For those who don't know, Earl Weaver was an amazing manager for the Baltimore Orioles (so, yes, this serves as the finale to the retroactively named Baltimore trilogy as well; it started with BCB, continued through Unhinged, and ends with this one). As an O's fan, I felt it was only right to pay homage, like with Oriole Magic from BCB, to my hometown team and one of the few constants I had in my life growing up (baseball). But, the title isn't just a catchy title or an homage to Earl Weaver.

It also has something to do with my bout with Stevens-Johnson as well, since it literally left me sore as hell from even the slightest touch. That, to be honest, kind of left me feeling like a loser. While I'm doing better now, even without the Coogi sweater, when I was going through the worst parts of it, my youngest son (whose babbling is featured on this album) would climb on me and I'd be in legit, excruciating pain.

That's something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Seriously, guys. Be sure you read all labels and check with your doctors when it comes to these medications, OTC or otherwise. Don't want ya'll out here dying or being in my shoes because of some BS with these meds. Even without the meds, though, there's stuff out here that can kill us. So, on that note, just be careful always.

Also, just be sure to love yourselves and take care of yourselves and your family. I had an, in some ways, Come to Jesus moment when I was in the hospital like a centimeter away from dying. That's why the album isn't just sadness.

While I may be "The Sorest Loser," in that I was literally sore and I hate leaving things on a sour note, there's not too much gloom and doom. It's kind of fun and something different. I mean, I'm singing for Pete's sake. So, yeah. That's all I've got to say on TSL. Check it out and love it. Please? Thanks.

The album cover on this version of the project is the way it was supposed to be before, you know, CDBaby and digital distribution were all like "ZOMG! YOU NEED A TITLE ON YOUR COVER RAWR!"


released July 7, 2016

Shoutouts go to my kids, their mom, Drizzle Sez, True God, my old rap personas (who inspired some of the stuff from this album), my mom (RIP Mama Young), my dad (RIP, even though he and I had a weird, kind of sucky, relationship), my stepdad (who has been more of a dad to me than my namesake), all the folks who've supported me over the years, and God.

Yes, God.

I'll never be the "I'm gonna go to church every day and PRAIZEEEEE HIMMMMMMM" type of religious person. My folks never raised me like that and I just can't get all into "organized religion" like that. Sorry.

However, I've come to accept and thank the powers that be religiously. I don't know God's face, or even if God is really "Goddess." But, I know that God's watching my crazy ass and making sure I don't completely off myself. And for that, I'm eternally grateful. Praise be.



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Speed on the Beat Baltimore, Maryland

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul to music.

The "Revolutionary Hippie" strives to educate with hot beats, hot rhymes, obscure references and samples, and real-life lessons, all while promoting understanding, unity, equity and equality.

Oh, and Baltimore. Lots and lot of Baltimore.
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