Late Night Movie Show (Independent)

by Speed on the Beat

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Growing up in Baltimore back in the 1980s (well, 1988 and 1989) and the 1990s, I grew accustomed to being kept company by the television late at night. Either when I was out and about, or at home, restless and unable to sleep, the "late night movie shows" would always keep me company. As time went on, as these things tend to go, there became less and less movie blocks and more infomercials, since a television station costs money to maintain.

This track, in some ways (just like the entire Baltimore Commercial Break: From Juke Joints to Greatness album) is an homage to that era of television, the B-movies, the "Ghost Hosts," etc. Baltimoreans born from I'd say 1988 back will probably recognize the ghoulish face in the fore-background of the cover art as a mainstay on local television between the 1960s until a few years before his death.

This is just the single version of the song. The full album will be coming soon. Very soon.


[Verse One: Speed on the Beat]
Hey nightowls, how you're doing?
You probably feel foul, and sour from the movements
Not going your way, well, here's a respite
Some realness, wrapped up with some tutelage.
We skip the infomercials those other cats show...
Since we know, that you are, more receptacle
To stories that you can relate to
And on the real? No one can relate to karaoke pop soul!
Our first story? About a kid
Who wanted to show love to his upbringing
When he'd stay up late at night, watch Fox 45
When he should've been dreaming about the next fight...
The Power Rangers would have against Rita and ish.
I was out doing things that I regret in this.
But, sometimes you've gotta get out on your own
Be independent, for your life, you need to do so on this show

[Chorus: Speed on the Beat]
Late show...
You know, this ain't for kids...
Things are kind of tight, but my mind's hella right
Sit back, lemme blow up this beat
never signing my life away
and dying day?
Independent is how I'll stay

[Verse Two: Speed on the Beat]
Our latest creature feature contains some graphic scenes
So if you're squeamish, this ain't your ish
So relinquish the remote control
Or turn to the Night Flicks on WJZ
For those that remain, here's the basis of this thing
We have a young black guy, shooting for his dreams
But behind the scenes, things aren't so pretty
But, I'll get into THAT on the next LP
"Help me," the man says, as he plays with the train
Lays in his brain, and contemplates a way
To get known without sacrificing his soul
Keeping integrity all day, until he grows old
Until his soul goes away, here's how he stays
On his own, self-made, that's the DAR way!
He signed to some labels back in the day
"But, never again," SOTB!!! says on

[Chorus: Speed on the Beat]
Late show...
You know, this ain't for kids...
Things're tight, but my mind's so right
Sit back, lemme blow up this beat
Never signing my life away
And dying day?
Independent is how I'll stay

[Verse Three: Speed on the Beat]
This beat was originally a throwaway,
So, that tells you the ish I'm on these next couple months
I've got another kid on the way go that-a-way...
If you wanna act tough or you'll get snuffed/
I've said that before, but sometimes I feel like
I'm in an infinite loop and I can't get right
I'm stuck on "autopilot,"
That's the BD talking. But when I get up out of this funk, man?
I start stalking the game for the lames,
Who want to go and try to besmirch my name
Rebirth the flames, that I seemed to forsake yesterday
No mas Nice Speed, I'm killing everything
That gets in the way, annihilating all of these fakes
That's why I had to go on commercial break
To keep from being Bill O'Reilly on an Inside Edition
But, now SOTB's back
To reclaim my position, and complete my mission on this...

[Outro: Commercial Break]
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released 21 April 2015



all rights reserved


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Speed on the Beat Baltimore, Maryland

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul to music. The "Revolutionary Hippie" strives to educate with hot beats, hot rhymes, obscure references and samples, and real-life lessons, all while promoting understanding, unity, equity and equality.

Oh, and Baltimore. Lots and lot of Baltimore.
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