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Third BCBFJJTG single


[Intro One: Commercial Break]
"Don't wait! Buy factory-direct at Eastern Manufacturing because NOBODY pays retail anymore

[Intro Two: Speed on the Beat]
Ok, let's see if that works better. Yeah, yeah...

[Verse One: Speed on the Beat]

People claim they've got fans, that they're on point
Wouldn't even get a sympathy play at the Juke Joint
And you KNOW I make beats too! So many ways to sleep you, B
Jhoon Rhee of these lames, nobody bothers me
Probably went over your head? Then try to keep up
Or you get left in the dust like a butt in a cup
Full of guts from a blunt that I stuffed in the trunk
You can huff if you want, but then I go light the match.
Witness the King in his natural habitat
20XX flow, I am a Mega Man with a mega plan
To be metastasis to the game, if I've gotta kill it?
At least rebuild it in my image
Positive energy, blessed by the heavens
But still kind of sinful, I'm only human
So never label me a Christian rapper
I just think we need more God in our lives for what comes after

[Chorus One: Speed on the Beat]
So I hit you in the head with this breaking news.
DAR, we are the truth.
And my team so strong. Yes! Steroids, please.
Keep up before we go eat you
Like the tiny specks of food that you be, dude
Man this is the only move
Either get with it or get the heck out...
This is yo' breaking news, dude!

[Verse Two: Speed on the Beat]
I used to grow up watching Al Sanders,
Thinking I wanna give the news
Then I thought about it, why regurgitate what you hear?
With your ears, use your life and GO MAKE THE NEWS
So I did, got in the paper about my schools
About Baltimore Club and all in between
But I wanted more. Stop me if you heard it before
But that's when I started working with TG
DAR, they showed me I couldn't
Be a lone wolf, just like D-R-E
Told me when we were back at UMD, recording at 223
Plus 31, young people we gotta stick together
Or they'll gun us down before we...
Even make our marks! And the messed up part?
They want to say there's no racism
But that's seems to always be the start

[Chorus Two: Speed on the Beat]
So I hit you in this head with this breaking news
We've gotta get our free
Yeah, the chains aren't made of metal no more
But we still in slavery
So, excuse me I go lose a couple of fans
But we need some energy
To keep the movement from dying...
So we can break free!

Being pro-black doesn't mean anti-white
Just like being a white supporter doesn't make you a God
You want to help the cause, that's cool...
Just don't make it all about y'all
Being pro-black doesn't mean anti-white
Just like being a white supporter doesn't make you a God
You want to help the cause, that's cool...
Just don't make it all about y'all
We have to make the change that we seek
Or the powers that be, in their cloaked sheets
Will try to disassemble the machine...
That we're trying to craft to overtake the streets
With, that's what we need
That and the God-given right to exist
And if you can't give us that?
Then I guess we've gotta raise our fist and go ahead and

[Chorus Three: Speed on the Beat]
Hit you in the head with this breaking news
Sometimes blood has to spill
I'd rather be peaceful in my approach
But even Biblical folks keep it real
Sometimes in a revolution, things must happen
To force the other's hand.
This land is mines too, so kcuf your truths.
I, like you, am a man!
(Sorry for cussin')

[Outro: Commercial Break]
"...95-1695 for our FREE shop at home service. Wall-to-wall carpet only $0.99 a square foot, completely installed! Call 410-(backmasked). Make no payments and no interest until next year. Don't miss it!"


released 03 June 2015



all rights reserved


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Speed on the Beat Baltimore, Maryland

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul to music. The "Revolutionary Hippie" strives to educate with hot beats, hot rhymes, obscure references and samples, and real-life lessons, all while promoting understanding, unity, equity and equality.

Oh, and Baltimore. Lots and lot of Baltimore.
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